The Society of St. Pius V Home Page

The Society of St. Pius V is an organization of traditional Catholic priests dedicated to the preservation of the Traditional Latin Mass. The priests of the Society do not offer the Novus Ordo Missæ. The priests offer the Traditional Latin Mass exclusively. Likewise, the priests administer the traditional sacraments according to the prescribed rites prior to any of the changes brought about by the Vatican II Council.

Why the Traditional Latin Mass

Priests in the Society do not offer the traditional Latin Mass out of a sense of nostalgia or love of Latin. Nor do they do so for aesthetic considerations, stubbornness, or out of disobedience. They do so because of the content and purpose of the Catholic Mass and because it is the Catholic thing to do. They believe that the new Mass and sacraments compromise the true Catholic Religion and do not convey and profess the Catholic Faith as defined by Our Lord Jesus Christ and passed down to us from the Apostles.


The headquarters of the Society of St. Pius V is located at 8 Pond Place, Oyster Bay Cove, New York. They have established various Mass Centers throughout the United States where they offer the traditional Latin Mass. Bishop Clarence Kelly is the superior of the Society of St. Pius V and resides at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary in Round Top, New York.


Please visit St. Pius V Chapel website to listen to sermons by traditional Catholic priests.