Missal Guide for 2018

The Missal Guide 2018 is a handy little guide to help the user in assisting at Mass using a daily or Sunday Missal.  It contains pertinent information regarding the Mass.


Sunday, April 7, Passion Sunday, semi-double.  Color: Violet.  In Mass:  Psalm 42 is omitted at the Prayers at the Foot of the Altar, 2nd Oration: Against the Persecutors of the Church, Ecclésiæ tuæ, or for the Pope, Deus, ómnium fidélium, Tract, Creed, Preface of Holy Cross. N.B.  The doxology, Glory be, is omitted during Mass, and omitted during the Aspérges before High Mass. All statues, crucifixes, and images are covered with purple cloth until the intonation of the Gloria on Holy Saturday.  The organ is silent and the altar is not decorated with flowers.

Sunday, April 14, Palm Sunday, semi-double.  Color: Violet.  In Mass:  Psalm 42 is omitted at the prayers at the foot of the altar, Tract, Creed, Preface of the Holy Cross, Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ [Mt. 26, 1-75; 27, 1-66].  The doxology, Glory be, is omitted during Mass and it is omitted during the Aspérges. N.B. There is the blessing and distribution of Palms with procession before Mass. If Mass is offered without the blessing of Palms, there is a proper Last Gospel taken from the ceremony of the blessing of Palms, In íllo témpore: Cum appropinquásset, [Mt. 21, 1-9].

Sunday, April 21, Easter Sunday, double of the first class.  Color: White.  In Mass:  Gloria, Creed, Sequence, Preface of Easter, Ite Míssa est, Allelúia, Allelúia at the end of Mass with response Deo Gratías Allelúia, Allelúia by altar boys. Proper Hanc ígitur and Communicántes in the Canon of Mass.  N.B. The organ is played, and the altar is decorated with flowers. The Vida Aquam is sung instead of the Aspérges before High Mass until Pentecost Sunday inclusive.

Sunday, April 28, Low Sunday [Quasimodo Sunday], double major.  Color: White. In Mass:  Gloria, 2nd Oration: S. Paul of the Cross, Dómine Jesu Christe, 3rd Oration: S. Vitalis, Præsta, quæsumus, Creed, Preface of Easter [in hoc potíssimum gloriósius prædicáre]. N.B. The Vidi Aquam is sung before High Mass.


Reprints of the Missal Guide for 2019 are available.